Handwriting Without Tears

From emergent writing in Pre-K to cursive mastery in fifth grade, Handwriting Without Tears helps students develop a fluency for writing success, no matter where they learn.

Building the Foundation of Literacy

Handwriting Without Tears helps students build essential skills for emergent writing and handwriting success.

Children who master handwriting are more likely to succeed in school, writing with speed and ease in all subjects. But without a strong foundation, bad habits take root. Our unparalleled curriculum nurtures writing automaticity through direct, explicit instruction along with guided and independent practice.


Direct Instruction Builds Handwriting Automaticity

Handwriting Without Tears' pedagogy guides students to success with:

  • Developmentally appropriate sequence of instruction
  • Consistent guided practice to develop automaticity and fluency
  • Multisensory components engage visual, audio, and kinesthetic learners
  • Hands-on manipulatives for developing fine motor and phonics skills
  • Simple, student-friendly, step-by-step language for letter formations on student practice pages AND teacher's guides


"Automatic letter writing is the single best predictor of length and quality of written composition in younger students." (Dinehart, 2013)

An Integrated Print and Digital Solution for K–5 Handwriting

Get the expert-backed and research-proven resources you need—in the classroom and online—to ensure student success. Our integrated and print and digital handwriting solution builds confident communicators by getting to the heart of every letter with developmentally appropriate, multisensory strategies.

Effective Handwriting Instruction for K–5

Our handwriting curriculum builds confident communicators by getting to the heart of every letter through developmentally appropriate, multisensory strategies and digital experiences for teachers and students.

HWT 2022 idtt
HWT 2022 idtt

Interactive Digital Teaching Tool

Our digital teaching tool supports teachers online with dozens of pre-loaded lesson plans, an assignment tracker, and resources like video, music, and animations to engage your classroom instruction.

Emergent Writing for Pre-K

Ease young learners into their communication journeys with this intentionally designed curriculum. Students build pre-writing and emergent writing skills developmentally through engaging, hands-on, play-based activities.

HWT 2022 prekitt

Emergent Writing Solution for Pre-K

Lessons address general readiness, pre-writing, alphabet knowledge, letter and number recognition, capital and lowercase letter formation, counting, drawing, shapes, and colors.

Pre-K Interactive Teaching Tool

Experience a new digital platform to help you bring Pre-K lessons to life with videos, animations, and songs—all in a friendly voice that connects with children. 

HWT 2022 prekitt

Why It Works Easy to learn & teach!

The Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum draws from years of innovation and research to provide developmentally appropriate, multisensory strategies for early writing. The program follows research of how children learn best and includes materials that address all styles of learning.

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Multisensory Teaching Strategies

Multisensory activities and manipulatives appeal to all learning styles and provide a hands-on approach to handwriting.

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Cross-Curricular Connections

Teach handwriting alongside other subjects! Fun letter lessons and writing activities connect handwriting to math, social studies, ELA, and science.

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Unique Letter Order and Style

Innovative letter order and style are developmentally appropriate and promote easy learning for every letter—print and cursive.

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Student Edition Design

Clean, simple, and intuitive approach to student editions invites personalization and fosters handwriting success. Lefty-friendly with large step-by-step models.

Line Success

Double lines and line generalization activities promote legible writing. When children know how to place letters, they can write well on any style of lined paper.

Assessments and Tailored Instructional Plans

Easy-to-use assessments track handwriting progress in the classroom and support your instruction for year-round handwriting success.

Proven Teaching Strategies

More than 3 million students benefit from the Handwriting Without Tears® program each year.


High end-of-year test scores show students using Handwriting Without Tears are prepared for the handwriting demands of school.

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