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Get Set for School Pre-K Program Sampler

Discover All the Pre-K Possibilities

Get Set for School is a complete, developmentally appropriate Pre-K program that is expert-backed, research-based, and proven to be a success.

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State Adoptions

Get Set for School is now adopted in Texas! Check out our adoption information for these states:

Distance Learning

To support online learning during the current school closures, we're providing free access to the Pre-K Interactive Teaching Tool to educators and families for 30-days.

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What’s New?

Our NEW Pre-K program helps children meet important early learning standards through purposeful play, multisensory activities, and effective digital apps.

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Get Set for School brings Pre-K to life through active, cross-curricular lessons, specially-designed manipulatives that challenge children’s fine and gross motor skills, and developmentally appropriate technology.

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The Pre-K Interactive Teaching Tool

A new digital teaching platform that brings the Get Set for School lessons to life with engaging, developmentally appropriate technology.

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Get Set for School Research and Correlations

Get Set for School was developed by experts and based on proven, researched methods to appeal to the way children learn best. Explore how Get Set for School aligns to Pre-K standards with our correlations download.

Research Correlations

Grants and Funding

Explore our Grants and Funding Resource Center to learn more about how you can bring Get Set for School to your classroom with funding or grants. Find resources, talk to our experts, and see our products that are qualified for coverage.

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