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5 Ways to Support Your Students this Summer

Reading may be your student’s favorite activity when school is in session, but without reinforcement during spring and summer break, many of their literacy skills will go dull. This seasonal gap...Continue reading

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Summer...I’ve Got Your Number!

Summer Numbers

Suuuuuuuummer, I've got your number! I'm gonna make you mine!

So, I am giving a nod to a very popular and familiar song about numbers. I hope you are singing it in your...Continue reading

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Build your SUMMER plan

Summer Learning Fun

The summer of 2020 is like no summer ever before in the history of our country.


Here in the United States we are living and learning to adapt at home, school, work, and in the...Continue reading

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5 Ways You Can Prepare Children for Kindergarten this Summer

What a year this has been.


If you’re a teacher, parent, or caretaker to a Pre-K child, you might be worried about what this school year means for children’s...Continue reading

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National Ice Cream Day + 4 Free or Inexpensive Summer Activities for Families

Ice cream day blog

Summer is a great time for families to expand their young learner’s mind with hands-on, educational experiences. The simplest activities can teach the greatest lessons and create the longest-...Continue reading

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Summer Tips for Teachers: How to Stay Productive & Keep Students Engaged

Teacher Tips

School is officially out, and summer is in full swing, but that won’t stop us! We’re here all season long to make sure you never run out of ideas that are both engaging and educational. Stick with...Continue reading

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Silly Summer Spelling Words & Cool Keyboarding Activities for Students

Silly Spelling

Summer is often seen as a time to goof off and get silly. Kids, parents, and teachers alike look forward to being able to take a break from their stringent school routines to engage more heavily...Continue reading

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Win Big This Summer with Professional Development—Plus, Enter Our Sweepstakes

Back to school blog header

This summer, we’re celebrating all the ways that educators can be superheroes with the right tools and strategies. Starting the summer with POWerful professional development is a great way to keep...Continue reading

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Five Creative Hands-On Summer Activities

Creative Activities

It’s almost summer and people are beginning to celebrate. Pools are opening soon, grills are firing up, and theme parks have come back to life. Students can count the number of weeks left in the...Continue reading

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5 Tips for Preventing the Summer Slide

Home Row Summer Slide

The average student loses a month of academic-calendar learning each summer. Your kids don’t have to be the average student! Keyboarding Without Tears® makes it easy to prevent the summer slide...Continue reading


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