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Student Editions that Work

The clean, simple, intuitive student editions invite personalization and creativity and foster handwriting success. All student editions are lefty-friendly with large step-by-step models.

Check out sample pages from our latest student editions, including our new student edition, Cursive Kickoff for second grade. Download our new Building Writers teacher resource and sample pages to find out how to add structured writing practice to your classroom.


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We Help You Assess Students

Handwriting Without Tears® uses engaging and developmentally appropriate instructional methods to help children master handwriting. Roll up your sleeves and find out where your students are progressing and where they are struggling with the Screener of Handwriting Proficiency. We also have Pre-K Assessments to see how your little learners are doing.


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We Easily Integrate Digital Instruction

Watch our Demo of the Integrated Print and Digital Solution or register for a trial here to see our new comprehensive digital teaching tool that works alongside our student editions.

Keyboarding Without Tears® is a K–5 web-based typing program that prepares children for digital communication by teaching correct typing technique, speed and accuracy, general computer readiness, and digital citizenship. Try our free demo today and find out why our program is so effective.


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Top 10 Downloads
Access the top 10 classroom downloads that include free worksheets.
LearningMag PreK Activity
Screener of Handwriting Proficiency
The Screener is a free and easy-to-administer whole-class assessment tool.
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Integrated Print and Digital Solution
Discover a new comprehensive digital teaching platform for teaching handwriting.
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Keyboarding Without Tears Free Demo
Explore activities that address typing technique, speed, accuracy, and digital citizenship for grades K-5.
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Pre-K Activity Booklets
Our most-loved activities from our Get Set for School Program.
LearningMag PreK Activity
Pre-K Assessments
Identifying what children know and can do to share with colleagues and families.
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A+ Worksheet Maker
A free and easy-to-use classroom tool for creating effective worksheets.

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