Deborah Reed: Bridging the Language Gap and

Strategies to Build Oral Language Skills

Description & Objectives

Bridging the Language Gap: Strategies to Build Oral Language Skills | 75 minutes | $49

Description & Objectives

Participants: Pre-K–1 educators (family members also encouraged)

Length: 1 hour + 15-minute Q&A

Cost: $49

Now is the perfect time to hone oral language skills. As a result of disrupted learning in 2020, many students missed opportunities to build these crucial skills. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn practical strategies to help children develop and improve their oral language skills.

With strong oral language skills, children can confidently:

  • Express their feelings, thoughts, and ideas
  • Ask questions
  • Process and deliver instructions
  • Receive new information and interact with others

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a learning environment where students can learn listening and speaking skills.
  • Generate discussions that build oral language and meaning-making skills.
  • Integrate peer learning strategies to encourage oral language practice.
  • Teach and model oral language skills to foster early literacy abilities in all students.

About the Presenter Deborah K. Reed:

Deborah K. Reed is a former classroom teacher who spent the first 10 years of her career as an English Language Arts, reading teacher, and reading specialist, working primarily with students from diverse backgrounds who were exhibiting serious reading difficulties. Since 2003, she has been a researcher and technical assistance provider in numerous states. Dr. Reed currently serves as the Director of the Iowa Reading Research Center and is a Professor at the University of Iowa. She has published extensively and continues to research methods for improving reading instruction and assessment, particularly for vulnerable populations.

Live Virtual Learning Experience


  • Interact via collaborative learning
  • Network with peers
  • Collect actionable strategies from colleagues
  • Participate in guided reflection and action planning
  • Prepare to apply new learning in your practice

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Cost: $49 | Length: 1 hour + 15-minute Q&A

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