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Customized & Personalized

Equip and empower your educators with the knowledge, instructional skills, and competencies they need to help students succeed. Our customizable Professional Services include a range of learning plans that build upon each offer to meet the needs of your entire staff, helping educators apply their knowledge to achieve full implementation success.

Customized Curriculum Learning Plans

Benefits of building your premium learning plan:

  • Affordable, flexible and customizable combinations of tiered implementation levels and learning options.
  • Provides your educators with the yearlong curriculum implementation support needed for student success.
  • Personalized learning opportunities to address in-class, remote, and hybrid student instruction.
  • Available virtually and/or on-site. Virtual learning experiences recorded for future on-demand viewing.
  • Certificates of attendance provided.
  • Interactive, hands-on learning experiences.

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Your customized Professional Services learning plan results in educators who can easily integrate our curriculum and other resources in their daily instruction for student success.

Learning plans available for the following Learning Without Tears' curricula:

  • Get Set for School (Pre-K)
  • Handwriting Emergent Writers (Pre-K)
  • Handwriting Print (grades K-2)
  • Handwriting Cursive (grades 2-5)
  • Keyboarding (grades K-5)
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Explore Our Learning Plans

Customizing your Professional Services plan is simple and flexible. First, select an implementation tier. For example, if your educators are new to Learning Without Tears (LWT) Professional Services, we recommend the Getting Started tier. Once you’ve selected your tier, select the blended learning path. Plans may include more than one tier and learning path per academic year.

This foundational tier provides your educators with the instruction, strategies, knowledge, and skills needed for beginning curriculum implementation.
Build on the foundations by targeting specific instructional outcomes based on curriculum usage and educator-identified personalized learning needs.
Builds on targeted implementation through student lesson observation and individualized or group coaching. This comprehensive approach dives deep to examine how instruction is impacting student learning and addresses advanced differentiation, modification, and remediation.

2 Hours

Focused on gaining knowledge and understanding.

2 hour virtual event offering limited customization and personalization of learning.
Participants will:

  • Generate a basic understanding of how to implement the LWT curriculum with students.
  • Understand what is included in their LWT curriculum and the purpose for each material.

4 Hours

Focused on demonstration and application of knowledge and skills.

4 hours of customized and personalized, hands-on learning experiences.
Participants will:

  • Generate a complete understanding of how to implement the LWT curriculum with students.
  • Gain hands-on experience with their LWT curriculum and practice student implementation strategies for each material.

8 Hours

Focused on personalized learning and developing classroom instructional plans.

8 hours of customized and personalized, hands-on learning experiences with lesson planning.
Participants will:

  • Generate a complete understanding of how to implement the LWT curriculum with students, including basic differentiation, modification, and remediation.
  • Gain hands-on experience with their LWT curriculum and practice student implementation strategies for each material.
  • Develop their first weeks of classroom instructional plans.

PD Hub

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Web-based training portal for on-demand microlearning

  • Access to curriculum experts covering a variety of classroom best practices
  • Tailored grade-level content and learning guides
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