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Naming Letters Is Not a Straight Path to Literacy: Here’s Why

“The best predictor of beginning reading achievement is a child’s knowledge of letter names" (Adams, 1990). 

I am sure that you have heard this statement. It is one of the most popular...Continue reading

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Handwriting, Coloring, and other Calming Techniques for Students, from an Occupational Therapist

We often want to challenge the children, while also providing a safe and comfortable place to play and learn new skills. This is the balance OTs are constantly challenged with during therapy...Continue reading

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So, your child needs Occupational Therapy…now what?

What Should I Expect from Occupational Therapy?

When you first hear that your child needs to see an occupational therapist, your initial reaction might be concern about your child and their abilities. But there's no reason to be worried! A good...Continue reading

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Kitty Literacy: Learning Without Tears is Now Available for Cats

Handwriting Program for Cats

Earlier this year we expanded our award-winning K–5 handwriting curriculum to Pre-K with a new emergent writing component...Continue reading