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The Social-Emotional Impact of Distance Learning

The social-emotional impact of distance learning

“Why can’t I play with my friends?”

“What happens if everyone gets the virus?”

“When is the next time we can do something fun?”

“It feels like I’m grounded.”

“I hate...Continue reading

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Making Virtual Occupational Therapy Work

Happy Occupational Therapy Month everyone!

In celebration of OT Month, I wanted to offer some information on a...Continue reading

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Fun Writing Activity for Kids at Home: Keep A Journal (or Blog)

Writing a Journal During Challenging Times

Journaling & Free Writing Activities

Unsure of how to keep your student(s) interested in writing while at home? Have them try writing a blog or a journal. Keeping a...Continue reading

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Supporting Distance Learning for Handwriting and Letter Recognition

Supporting Handwriting and Letter Recognition at Home

Around the world, distance learning is quickly becoming the norm as schools and families navigate these unprecedented times. In fact, you might be one of the millions of families and teachers...Continue reading

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4 Festive Holiday Learning Activities

Winter Break activities

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and for teachers, that means finding new and creative ways to make learning fun throughout the holiday season. Instead of trying to tame students’...Continue reading

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Giving Tuesday Ideas for Teachers

Giving Tuesday

Do you find yourself wishing you could give back more to those in need despite your routine service activities? Well, today was created just for you! It’s Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated solely to...Continue reading

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Gobble…Gobble…Have a Turkey-rrific Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving blog image

The homemade pies are ready, the floats are ready to dance down the New York City streets, and the football game is about to begin because tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

Even though we can’...Continue reading

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Fall Crafts to Build Fine Motor Skills

4 fall crafts blog image

A change in season is always exciting, and for children it can also be educational. Here are a few ways to use the great outdoors to plan your next lesson!


...Continue reading

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Happy Book Lovers Day

book lovers day blog image

Is there anything better than curling up on a crisp autumn day with a good book and a hot drink? That’s why we’re so excited to celebrate Book Lovers Day. Whether you and your students are fans of...Continue reading

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5 Reflective Questions for Students on Make a Difference Day

Make a difference day blog header

Most of us aspire to make a difference in some way. Quite often we come across charities and change-makers that inspire us to use what we have to make life a little easier for someone else, but...Continue reading


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